State Tax Information

Here are links to documents prepared by Marketron, summarizing the most recent tax withholding information we have researched for each jurisdiction.

Marketron performs research for new information ONLY when we are alerted of a change. In most cases, states & jurisdictions do not alert us. It is our Payroll software users who alert us to a change for their particular state or jurisdiction. If you are aware of more recent information, please contact support at (888) 239-8878.

Tax Resources

Here are links we find useful in researching tax withholding information for jurisdictions in the United States. These links are provided as a courtesy. Marketron Broadcast Solutions makes no endorsements of these sites’ sponsoring organizations, nor any claims as to the accuracy of the information they provide.

When researching state websites, look or search for sections regarding “withholding” or “payroll”. Typically, you will find a posting of tax tables for the proper calculation of withholding amounts. Use the calculation formulas for “annual” periods.