Mediascape & Pitch

Mediascape 40 brings enhancements for Orders 360 and integration with Pitch

With the release of Mediascape 40, traffic and sales users will benefit from integrations and enhancements to the Orders 360 workflow

Mediascape 40 brings highly requested functionality to Orders 360.  All users of Orders 360 will now see:

  • The ability to designate a salesperson at the Local, National, and Regional level in the order header for improved reporting and insight
  • The Product Name column conveniently included in the Order List Grid
  • Time entry functionality now includes smart-fill technology
  • Support for the updated Google Ad Manager API
  • Schedule Line Summary enhancements to differentiate makegood and standard lines

This release also introduces the integration with Pitch, Marketron’s integrated digital advertising platform.  The integration allows stations that use both Pitch and Orders 360 to eliminate duplicate entry, bringing time savings and efficiencies through an optimized workflow. Contact if you would like to activate your Pitch integration.

If you haven’t already scheduled your upgrade to Orders 360 and would like to take advantage of the new order entry platform click here to learn more.

The Marketron product management team closely tracks and reviews feature requests to help shape the product roadmap. With multiple releases planned this year, customers can expect to see additional feature requests addressed in future releases.

Complete details of the new functionality are available in the release notes in MyMarketron


Please contact your account manager or customer support ( or (888) 239-8878) with any questions.