Extended Order Manager

Extended Order Manager

Multi-Level Order Approval Process Designed for Visual Traffic


Advanced Security Management

Visual Traffic’s advanced security managementallows you to secure virtually every aspect of VT to suit your station environment, and Extended Order Manager includes Salesrep level security. This added security feature can be used to prohibit accountexecutives from accessing data for other Salesreps’ information while they are working in the trafficsystem.

Time Saver

Eliminate the need for hand-written orders by entering orders directly into the traffic system. Your sales team can also revise orders as needed.

Reduce Traffic Workload

There is less duplication of work with Extended Order Manager. Workflows are completed directly in the traffic system.

Report Center Access

With the introduction of Salesrep level security, Salesreps can run the reports that they have access to through the Report Center.

Multi-Level Order Approvals

You can have as many as four levels of approval: Credit, Sales, Continuity and Traffic.

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