Electronic Orders & Invoicing

Automate the Order Entry Process and Send Electronic Invoices

No Stamps

Want to start saving up to $5 per invoice?

Moving to an electronic order and invoice process can lower your cost by as much as $5 per invoice and eliminate tedious order entry workflows.

See how much your stations can save with Electronic Orders & Invoices today.

Reduce Discrepancies

Manual data entry produces on average a 3% error rate. Eliminate error with Electronic Orders and Invoices.

Lower DSO

When you send invoices electronically, they are received immediately by your customers thereby allowing them to pay faster. Automatically send statements via our eStatement feature to remind clients of outstanding balances.

Industry Standards

Marketron invoices are created in one easy step and invoices are sent automatically to all of your trading partners using the latest AAAA (American Advertising Agency Association) format.

Integrated Services

National/Regional Rep Firms:
Katz (“Sales Order Website”)
Gen Media Partners (McGavren Guild, Local Focus, Regional Reps, Tacher Company; “RadioExchange” website)

Agency/Buying Service Portals:
Strata (“AE Inbox”)
MediaOcean (“Spectra DS”)

Station Sales/Proposal Workflow Systems:
InfluenceFM (“SmartRate”)
Eastlan (“Radius”)

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